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  • Latest Shinning Gold/ Silver PVC Marble Sheet

    Latest Shinning Gold/ Silver PVC Marble Sheet

    The latest and best-selling shinning Marble Board has a more excellent color effect, showing different gold and silver effects under different lights. The PVC marble UV panel offer a fantastic alternative to traditional flat wall. Wall...
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  • What is WPC?

    What is WPC?

    WPC is a kind of wood-plastic composite material, and the wood-plastic products made by PVC foaming process are usually called ecological wood. The main raw material of WPC is a new type of green environmental protection material (30% PVC + 69% wood powder + 1% colorant ...
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  • Why choose our PVC Marble Sheet ?

    Why choose our PVC Marble Sheet ?

    Ten reasons to choose WALLART 1. Zero formaldehyde, zero radiation The radioactivity is close to zero, protecting your health with green decoration. 2. Waterproof It does not contain wood and other materials that are easily deformed by water, so it is not afraid to soak in water every day. 3. Bug...
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  • What is UV Marble sheet?

    What is UV Marble sheet?

    UV marble sheet are slabs whose surface is protected by UV treatment. UV is the English abbreviation of Ultraviolet. UV paint is ultraviolet curing paint, also known as photo initiated paint. The sheet formed by applying UV paint on the marble board and drying it with a UV light curing machine ca...
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